Residential products and services

You’ve worked hard to own a comfortable and safe home, and our goal is to make sure it’s secure. For more than 60 years, Beaulieu Totale Sécurité has strived to offer the best products and service to Quebec consumers. From making a copy of a key to installing an alarm system connected to emergency services, we have the experience and expertise you need to ensure your security.




Do you have a plumber? A butcher? A glazier? Then why not a locksmith? Our experts are there for you and do a top-notch job at everything from making a copy of your keys to repairing or replacing locks for your home. So whether we come to your home or you drop by our store, you’ll get peace of mind either way, as you can count on us to guarantee your security!

Sale and installation of alarm systems

We represent, distribute and install the best brand-name alarm systems in Canada. Not only will we consult you about your options according to your needs, but our specialists will also install your new alarm system. They’ll also train you on how to use the system and periodically perform the necessary maintenance to make sure it’s working all times!

Reparation and installation of locks

Just like your car, your locks get old, wear out and may require repairs or maintenance. We repair all kinds of locks, old and new, so that they’ll always work properly. This way, your precious belongings will always be totally protected under lock and key and only accessible to you!

Emergency repair

If you have a problem with a lock or key, our emergency repair team is at your service 24 hours a day. Whether it’s for your car, business or home, our team will take care of it. We like to challenge ourselves when it comes to emergencies. Just contact us and everything will be fixed in no time!

Residential alarm systems

Residential alarm systems (fire, theft, medical)


Knobs and handles

Conventional and dead-bolt locks

Conventional and dead-bolt locks



Our brands

Medeco; Emtek; Arrow; Abloy; BiLock; DSC; Paradox; DOM; Kantech