About us

What started out as a very small business soon grew to become one of the major security industry players on the regional, provincial and national markets. J.A. Raymond Beaulieu Locksmith was founded in Chicoutimi in the early 1950s by the founder of the same name.

J.A. Raymond Beaulieu (1920-1998) was a young, talented, jack-of-all-trades machinist who unfortunately wound up unemployed during a time of economic uncertainty. In light of this situation, he and his young wife, Jeannine Tremblay, decided to take a big risk and accept Beaulieu’s former boss’ offer to buy up all his machinery and locksmith inventory, which helped the new business get off the ground. Their business grew quickly and so did Beaulieu’s passion for the mechanical security market.

Despite the company’s early success, parts were hard to come by and their manufacturers were located far away, which is why it was often easier to repair locks than to replace them. The challenge here was to avoid damaging locks while fixing them during an emergency situation. Beaulieu found that he could only rely on himself to find ingenious solutions to this and numerous other problems he encountered on the job.

Over the years, the small company’s reputation spread quickly, so much so that at the beginning of the 1970s, its name became known beyond the beautiful Saguenay region. During this period, Beaulieu was looking forward to retiring and wanted to pass down the business to the next generation of his family. By the 1980s, his sons were already in the position to run the business and expand its service offer to its clients. This is when the Beaulieus began manufacturing high-quality products for the high-security market and offering their services to large industries.

In 1994, the Beaulieu brothers realized that times were changing and decided to move their store closer to the booming commercial artery of Boulevard Talbot in Chicoutimi. They also expanded their store to offer their growing clientele a more pleasant environment conducive to doing business in today’ market.

Today, Jean-Marc, the youngest of Raymond’s and Jeannine’s sons, has surrounded himself with a team of experienced staff, including his son, Alexandre. Jean-Marc’s team boasts half a century of combined expertise in a constantly evolving industry. These security system integrators handle everything from mechanical and electronic security to computerized systems and home automation.

Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (J.A. Raymond BEAULIEU Serrurier inc.) is a solid company with a multi-skilled team that always puts its clients’ needs first.