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Locksmithing - Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)
Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Key copying

With over 2 000 keys in store, our skilled locksmiths will be able to replace or duplicate the majority of your keys.

  • Key copying,
  • system creation and management of master keys,
  • controlled keys,
  • chip keys,
  • replacement of lost keys.
Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Emergency unlock
To give you back access, BTS has the key.

If your key is broken in a lock or your car or home key is forgotten or misplaced. BTS is there to assist you.
Call one of our technicians on the road.

Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

To protect your safe places.

Distribution, installation, repair and maintenance

  • Panic bar devices,
  • mortise locksets,
  • push plates,
  • handles,
  • doorknobs,
  • deadbolts,
  • mechanical locks and electronic locks.
Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Some objects are hidden away from view.

  • Sales,
  • Repair,
  • Opening by manipulation or drilling.
Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Door hardware

Installation, Repair and Sale of Door Hardware

  • Door closers,
  • emergency exit devices,
  • hinges,
  • door holders/stops,
  • weatherstripping,
  • door sills,
  • handles,
  • architectural hardware,
  • etc.
Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Sales and Service Counter
BTS welcomes you with pleasure.

  • Hardware and accessories of all kinds (padlocks, key rings, handles, etc.)
  • Full selection of special order products.
  • Machining of locksmith parts on request.
Expertise and reliability

Expertise and reliability

For your residential, commercial or industrial project, our mission remains the same. Deliver reliability, comfort and security to users.



Certified by the BSP, our experienced staff will offer you a professional service.



You have a problem with your locks or alarm system? BTS will come with the right solutions and efficient results. Contact us; we are at your service!