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Alarm and security - Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)
Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Security systems

Sale and installation

Personalized protection for the client's needs.

  • Alarm system (fire, water, theft, medical) connected or not to our ULC alarm center by digital and /or IP and/or cellular communication,
  • smoke detector,
  • heat detector,
  • motion detector,
  • monoxide detector,
  • water leak detector,
  • glass breakage detector.

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Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

24-hour ULC Monitoring Center

The BTS central station provides you with constant surveillance, in conjunction with the emergency services.

At all times, we ensure the safety of your facilities. As soon as an alarm is triggered, the monitoring station notifies you immediately.

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*ULC: Certification supported by insurance companies.

Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Inspection of Fire Alarm Systems

Even if there is no fire, a thorough annual inspection* of your fire alarm system is required. BTS will test your fire alarm system and provide you with the inspection report and certificate. BTS can also test your emergency lighting system.

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*Inspection according to CAN/ULC-S536 standards

Inspection certificate

Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Cameras and Surveillance Systems

Keep an eye on intruders! Opt for BTS's optimal protection inside and outside your facilities to prevent theft or vandalism. With a complete range of cameras and surveillance systems adapted to your reality, BTS also ensures their installation.

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Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Access Control

Whether you have one or several doors to control, BTS will help you easily manage access to specific areas, identify users, and restrict access according to specific schedules.

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Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Because the person is not always at our side.

Our telecommunication devices are reliable and efficient, no matter how many rooms they have to be installed in.

BTS sells, installs and repairs all types of intercoms. We are sure to have the right one for you.

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Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)

Technical Support

The qualified technicians at BTS will answer your questions if needed, and solve any problems encountered with any type of system sold and installed by us. Your safety is our
remains our raison d'être. You can count on our dedicated team for the continuous protection of your installations.

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Learn more about our promotions here - Beaulieu Totale Sécurité (BTS)
Expertise and reliability

Expertise and reliability

For your residential, commercial or industrial project, our mission remains the same. deliver reliability, comfort and security to users.



Certified by the BSP, our experienced staff will offer you a professional service.



You have a problem with your locks or alarm system? BTS will come with the right solutions and efficient results. Contact us; we are at your service!